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Second Chances Start Here

Providing more than hope through second chances using workforce, personal, and leadership development with job placement opportunities.

More Than Hope Certification Program

Step-by-step guidance in discovering and pursuing the best career path for you by seasoned professionals.

Career Guidance

Life is more than work. Our program will help you develop and implement a personal growth plan that improve all areas of your life.

Personal Growth Plans

Through our partnership with organizations like Randstad, we assist you in finding and applying to great career opportunities once you've completed the program.

Job Placement

Personal Growth Opportunities

Professional career planning guidance, including resume and cover letter development, interview skills training, and much more.


Access your untapped potential with inspiring and encouraging coaching designed to help you be the best version of yourself and improve your life satisfaction.


Deepen your professional and personal journey with Board Certified Emotional Well-Being Care that helps you identify and overcome your inner roadblocks.


Set yourself apart with mentorship from industry experts in Leadership, Workplace Development, Business, Continuous Improvement, and more.


Second Chances Start Here

The More Than Hope certification program at Lifetime Guidance ensures a demonstrated understanding of the high standards we practice. Employers can be confident that our candidates will embody these principles thoroughly. 


At Lifetime Guidance, integrity is our cornerstone. It guides us in providing second chances with sincerity and respect. Every action we take, every decision we make, is infused with honesty and transparency, ensuring that we are always worthy of the trust placed in us by those we serve and partner with.


Innovation drives us to find new and better ways to serve our mission. We are committed to thinking creatively, embracing change, and continually improving our programs and approaches. This core value reminds us that to provide more than hope, we must be willing to explore, experiment, and adapt in our quest to offer second chances.


Empowerment is at the heart of what we do. We believe in empowering individuals not just with hope, but with the tools, skills, and opportunities to forge their own paths. By focusing on workforce, personal, and leadership development, we strive to unlock the full potential of every person we touch, fostering a sense of ownership and self-determination.


In the spirit of collaboration, we understand that our mission is not something we can achieve alone. It requires teamwork, partnership, and a shared vision. We work hand-in-hand with our community, volunteers, and partners to create synergies that magnify our impact, knowing that together, we can provide more comprehensive support and open more doors than we ever could alone.


Compassion is the fuel that powers our commitment to providing more than hope. It moves us to see the humanity in each individual, to listen with empathy, and to act with kindness. Our compassion motivates us to go above and beyond, ensuring that we not only offer job placement opportunities but also a supportive community that understands and cares.

I can’t thank them enough for the insight and direction they have given me so that I can be confident about how I present myself as a professional.

What they’ve taught me thus far will be with me for the rest of my life and I could only hope to gain more from them.

 I was a distant memory to myself. Jerry and Dr. Scott helped me to withdraw that shroud.

From the Director's Desk

Welcome to Lifetime Guidance. We help individuals who have overcome significant emotional challenges and give them “More Than Hope” to prepare them for a career with expert advice and guidance. Our Certification program is designed for you and employers who are ready to hire exceptional candidates.


- Jerry K. Combs

Our Partners & Certifications

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